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1. What are live-feed, real-time, virtual (Internet) classes?

Apologia Academy's unique virtual classrooms effectively unite the benefits of teacher-led, real-time instruction with the advantages of highly convenient and multimedia-rich Internet delivery.

Apologia Academy gives you the choice of live classes broadcast to your computer, or recorded classes which can be listened to at your convenience. Each live class meets for 90 minutes. The software you will download allows you to interact with the live teacher and other students, using audio, chat, whiteboard, slide show presentations, synchronized web page tours, and in some cases brief video clips (you do not need a webcam to take classes). However you must have adequate headphones (or speakers) and a microphone. Click here to see what we recommend.

Taking Internet classes through Apologia Academy allows your student(s) to sit in a virtual classroom while receiving personal instruction in a group setting. A student might be called on to answer a question using either his microphone or chat feature. Teachers may occasionally lead group discussions giving students an opportunity for class interaction.

2. What am I paying for when I register a student(s)?

Personal & professional instruction by qualified teachers in the sciences (masters and bachelor degrees in the sciences) and theologians and apologists in the Bible, Apologetics, & Worldview Department. This includes 90 minutes, one day per week for 32 sessions in two semesters (15 sessions/one semester in the Bible, Apologetics, & Worldview Dept.)

A "Student Portal/Study Site". Each student receives a unique username and password for access to their very own web page that includes all notes, syllabus, assignments, tests, quizzes, and other extras.

Graded course work - all assignments, tests, quizzes, papers, etc. graded by the teacher and posted on the student portal (see 2.b. above).

HELP LINE: Personal access to the teacher during class (students may ask questions, discuss, etc. while in class), our phone and/or email HELP LINE anytime.

Access to recorded classes missed by the student (all classes are recorded).

Professional virtual classrooms. Students enter our "virtual classroom" (we use WebEx, a professional looking & functioning web conferencing network) and experience professional looking notes, slides, pictures, web pages, audio and video clips, a chat feature, white board (teachers actually write on the board and on any slides/notes), and more.

What if a teacher is unavailable for a class session? Any instructor who is ill or cannot teach a particular session will do one of two things: 1) have all students watch a recorded class and report completion before the next class, or 2) a substitute will fill in live for the teacher. In the unlikely event that neither 1 or 2 is possible, the class will be made up at a later date convenient to all (you will always have 32 full sessions in the Science Dept., and 15 in the Bible, Apologetics, & Worldview Dept.).

3. Do classes meet more than once a week?

No, but each class has 1 or more time/day slot options or "sections" (exceptions: Marine Biology and advanced science courses). You register only for the one that your student can actually attend. Each class section meets for 90 minutes, 1 time each week. For example, if you register for Exploring Creation With Physical Science, Class Section 3, then your student will be in that class every Monday from 1:15 to 2:45 PM (Eastern). Each class section has its own set of registered students (20 max). If a student misses a class, he cannot join another class section (a different day/time slot). What he can do is request from the teacher a link to the recorded class section he missed. It is important that you choose the class section that best fits your schedule and register for that one. You cannot hold a particular class section that is currently full with the hope that a spot will become available. You can, however be put on a "wait list" (you will register but not pay until it becomes available).

4. What classes are offered and on what days/times?

Please click here for the class schedule.

5. When can I begin registering my student(s) for classes with Apologia Academy?

Please check the home page for information on registration dates (please refer to the links on the left for appropriate information).

6. How many available seats are in a class?

Each class section for each course has a maximum capacity of 20 students. Once a class section is full, you can request to be placed on a wait list. Please click here for the class schedule.

7. Do you have a tuition payment plan?

Yes. Please click on the "Tuition" menu link on the left for registration and tuition fees, and payment plans.

8. How long will registration last?

Classes are filled on a first-come/first-served basis. When all seats in a class section are filled, registration is over for that class section. Registration usually starts around April 1st and continues through September. If a class is full, you then have 3 options:

  1. Register on the  "wait list" for that exact class section, or
  2. Register for the same class(es) but at a different time and/or day, or
  3. Register for the RECORDED/GRADED class option
  4. Register for a RECORDED/NON-GRADED course

Please click HERE for more information.

9. Do you offer a discount for co-op groups?

Yes and No... Co-op classes are NON-GRADED & RECORDED classes and therefore slightly less cost than GRADED classes. However, you may choose a live or recorded Co-Op class option. For pricing, please click HERE .

10. Are there discounts for multiple children in one family?

Yes. Please click on the "Tuition" menu link on the left.

11. Does Apologia Academy have live Bible, Apologetics, & Worldview courses?

Yes. Please click HERE for more information.

12. Can classes be audited?

Yes and no.  You can register for our LIVE/GRADED classes and not worry about being graded. But it is wiser to purchase a RECORDED/NON-GRADED downloadable course.

13. How can I receive assistance with science or Bible, Apologetics, & Worldview questions?

Science: there are 5 different ways to contact us including our Help Line. Please see page iii of your Apologia textbook.

Bible, Apologetics, & Worldview: send email to larry@apologia.com

14. What is the recommended order for taking the Apologia Science courses for Jr. and Sr. High School?

Please click HERE for detailed information found at Apologia.com.

7th grade = Exploring Creation with General Science

8th grade = Exploring Creation with Physical Science

9th grade = Exploring Creation with Biology

10th grade = Exploring Creation with Chemistry

11th grade = Exploring Creation with Physics


15. What is the recommended order for taking Apologia Academy classes in the Bible, Apologetics, & Worldview Department?

Although there is no required order we do recommend taking the Introduction to Apologetics first. All courses in the Bible, Apologetics, & Worldview department were designed without a particular order. But the Apologetics Intro class does go through most issues in defending Christianity.









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